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We have partnered with the largest and most successful customer service business in America to guarantee your continued satisfaction with your new home. Sumeer Homes Warranty Management Services provides customer service to thousands of homeowners. Sumeer Homes has been providing cutting-edge services to new home owners for over 45 years and continues to be a leader in developing service policies that make your home purchasing experience as pleasurable as possible. Our goal is to respond to your requirements as quickly and efficiently as feasible while also ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We are sure that ProHome can help us with this.

Sumeer Homes will handle and serve as your Warranty Management resource during the first year of occupancy, and will be available to help with warranty and construction-related issues. Please review your Warranty and then contact Sumeer Homes as detailed in the Warranty Builder’s Service Guide for any future warranty claims, service requests, or concerns regarding the operation of your home. The office and after-hours phone lines can be found on the front cover of the Service Guide. Sumeer Homes will walk you through a step-by-step procedure to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed.

Fill out either applicable form below completely and attach any written supporting details of the alleged defect(s) that form the basis of your claim(s). Be specific and include any copies of documents, pictures, and any other pertinent information you provided to your builder.

Reminder: Attach information detailing the alleged defect(s). Please note that the total claim and repair process may take 60 days. If necessary, we may contact you for further information.

Feel Free To Get In Touch With Us At Any Moment If You Have Any Questions.

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